Orange Sun Coral (Tubastrea aurea) - Medium
Orange Sun Coral (Tubastrea aurea) - Medium
Manufacturer: Hard Corals
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COMMON NAME: Orange Sun Coral
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tubastrea aurea
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~10-15 heads
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David of Denver
Sun coral
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These are not nocturnal corals. I have my black and orange branching sun coral under high light and high flow. I have "trained" them to open during the day. All you do is adjust the feeding time of your corals to day time.
John Z. of WI
Nice Coral
ranked 5.0 our of 5
This was a nice little guy to add to my reef. Trains pretty easily to open up during evening feeding with the fish. After 2 weeks already has newe polyps growing. Delicate specimen though, so watch handling it initialy as tissue damage is a bad thing.
Mark of NY
Sun Coral
ranked 5.0 our of 5
I have no complaints about the product at all came with 25-35 heads. But I assumed and didn't research this particular coral before purchase. This is a nocturnal creature and must be hand fed at night. This isn't an easy coral. IT is a Beautiful specimen but only comes out at night. Hi Mark- You can train the sun coral to come out whenever you want it to - if you feed it nightly at 6pm- it will come out EVERY night at 6pm- and within just a few days - you can set your watch by its appearance - it is a remarkable creature!