Spotted Rhodactis Mushroom Coral
Spotted Rhodactis Mushroom Coral
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The Spotted Rhodactis Mushroom Coral just like its name suggests, this phenom sports a luscious mixture of spotted colors and patterns.

The Rhodactis Mushrooms are a fairly common variety of Corallimorpharia, and found throughout Indo-Pacific Ocean. They have beautiful oral disc covered with pseudo-tentacles that are generally branched out. Some species even have thick tissues, but most have a rather thin tissue that is moist and slippery to the human touch. Frequently referred to as The Tonga Blue Mushroom, The Giant Green Metallic Mushroom, The Hairy Mushrooms and The Small Elephant Ear Mushroom, this magnificent organism is easy to care for and would provide an amazing tropical feel to any home aquarium.

This genus of mushroom is enormously diverse. Some Rhodactis remain small while others such as the Elephant Ear can grow up to 12 inches in diameter. And vary in a rich array of colors such as; violet, green, brown, pink, purple and blue. Usually the color of the tentacles contrasts the color of the mushroom. The Rhodactis Mushrooms may also vary in mass based on location of the tank, the water flow conditions and the surrounding aquatic life forms.

One has to be aware that the Rhodactis Mushroom reproduces by the use of fission or laceration; so there is a major threat of excessive growth, which could eventually become an issue. A small polyp detaches from the base or mouth of the parent polyp and grows to full size in as little as 2 months.
In its natural environment, the Rhodactis Mushroom l