Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)

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Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)
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Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)
Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)
Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)
Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)
Green Ricordea Florida Coral  (Ricordea florida)

Green Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)

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COMMON NAME: Green Ricordea
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ricordea florida
SIZE AVAILABLE: ~ 3/4 inch
FOOD/DIET: Plankton
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

  • One mushroom mounted on rock or reef plug

Please note, that when mushroom corals are shipped, it is perfectly normal for them to be deflated and very small upon arrival. Once adjusted to your aquarium conditions, however, they will fully open. The acclimation process normally takes several days to a week.

Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4" to 1"

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Customer Reviews
Brian l of Colorado
Arrived today, took an hour to acclimate but opened up and looks great. Good value and arrived healthy
curt of western ny
green ric's
just got a new batch of green rics from reefs2go. these are really beautiful and glow bright green under actinics.
Jarrod of Long Beach, MS
Green Ricordea
Ordered 2 of the green ricordeas and both are opening up and look great. Each one is a different shade of green very pretty specimens!
Shari of FL
Green Ricorda
Beautiful color and it glows under the light. Electric! Just love them!
Cody of Cheyenne,Wy
Love recordea's
I've purchased 3 different colors of these at different time and they are so cool and grow real fast. Been to nervous to propagate these so far but I need to. don't know if they split by themselves but two of them have two mouths.
jerry of El Sobrante
I just got these today and they are wide open. I ordered one and it's in the middle of a three way split!
denright of cary nc
Green Ricordea
I ordered three of these softies during one of the specials. Two of them were already open upon arrival and the third opened during drip acclimation! All three remained open upon transfer to the tank and didn't close until the lights went off for the night putting them to sleep! Awesome!
Ashley of Inverness, FL
Great Ricordea
I have every color ricordea that reefs2go sells. They are good size and easy to grow. Not quite as bright green as pic under my 15k lights though.
Emily of Texas
Small head of ricordia at a great price. Opened fully a few hours after aclimation. Glows neon under my blue LEDs. Slow growing but easy to care for and very interesting coral.
Joanne White of Richmond, VA
These are beautiful and healthy, and glow wonderfully under actinic lighting. I have bought Ricordea several times from Reefs2Go and they have always been healthy and beautiful. They are thriving in my tank.
Quoc of Germantown
nice rics
got a couple of rics BOGO offer. some came on plug, on rubble and some just lose.
Michael Vong of Springfield, IL
Awesome Ricordia
Nice sice, good price, it came off the rock but is doing fine on the sand. looks great with moonlight at night because it glows.