Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
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Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)
Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)

Blue Ricordea Florida Coral (Ricordea florida)

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The Blue Ricordea Florida Coral comes in a glorious blue shade which strongly correlates to a natural flow of things.

This is one of the more colorful members of the Corallimorpharia family. The Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral is an exceptional species that does not have a skeleton and has a similar internal anatomical configuration as corals within the Scleractinia family. It has the body structure that can best be described as petite and globular.

It is not aggressive and would make good tank mates to most established coral colonies. But still be weary and make sure that you provide sufficient space for both the established colony and the newly introduced Ricordea Florida Coral to thrive. No matter the species, it is always a good idea to give all the corals in your tank plenty of space to grow and thrive.

With all of its astonishing colors they are guaranteed to attract attention. Ricordea mushrooms are usually bright or even fluorescent in intensities. The Ricordea Florida comes in several colorful combinations which including; green, orange, yellow, blue, and purple with blue, orange or purple rings surrounding a contrasting middle color. Due to a brilliant variety of colors, the Ricordea genus are some of the most sought after mushrooms around today. They can fetch a large price that is if the color is intense and rare enough.

The Ricordea Florida, unlike most other Mushroom Coral requires moderate attention and can tolerate more light. In addition, unlike with other Mushroom Corals, this one does not multiply as quickly or prospers as much under direct Metal Halides; therefore indirect light would do the trick. They can also handle moderate to high water flow. This is due to the fact that they grow extremely tight against any surface they are initiated on. If the coral does not get the sufficient lighting and/or water they will just float around the tank until they find a suitable spot that meets their preferences or have an unpleasant encounter with a pump. Like other species of mushrooms, the Ricordea Florida Coral can handle higher nitrates than SPS or LPS corals.

In order to keep a happy and healthy Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral would will have to; change the water 10% bi-monthly or 20% a month, provide a reef atmosphere with proper magnesium levels, proper iodine levels are also essential. Due to their toxicity, adding active carbon would also be a good idea, especially for larger colonies of mushrooms.

This mushroom coral are carnivorous and photosynthetic. They require supplemental feeding of small leafy foods like planktons and brine shrimp, in addition to its diet of macro algae tissue.

Most Ricordea Florida Mushroom Corals grow and reproduce slowly; therefore knowing how to properly frag them can certainly speed up the process. They are however fragile and respond less well to fragging so if you are a first time fragger it is advised not to started with your cherished Ricordea centre piece. Instead practice on similar little expensive corals. Since the Ricordea Florida Coral Mushroom do not require a lot, keeping them alive and well in your tanks is not too complicated. In reality, all they require is proper lighting and water constraints.

The Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral are known to inhabit the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In the wild this genus of coral can be found growing on rocky surfaces, rubble, or growing upright on dead corals. The Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral was discovered by the famous 19th century aquatic explorer duel of Duchassaing and Michelotti in 1860, which are also credited in discovering the Florida Corallimorpharian, False Coral, Coral Anemone, and Stubby Anemone.

Most experts will concur that this coral is the king of the Corallimorphs, and as far as they are concerned there are none that can compare to their illustrious color combinations, growth speed and easiness of care.

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Customer Reviews
Tony of FL
Very nice colors!
I bought one of these because i always love a Blue Ricordea! When my ricordea arrived it was very small but that was because of the ride so after i placed it in my tank and it was very nice! Thanks R2G
Barry of GA
Blue Ricordea
Ordered one blue and one green.They are indistinguishable from each other (both are green) with the exception of one having a yellow mouth and the other pale purple. I would hope the blue one would actually be some shade of blue.
Matt of Los Angeles, CA
Blue Ricordea Florida
Smaller than I expected but it was a beautiful specimen. Not quite as blue as the photo but it's really blue with orange sprinkled throughout.
Cindy of TX
So pretty
I ordered 2 of the blue and they opened right up after acclimating so cool.
Chris of Posey
Blue Ricordea Florida
I've received 2 of theses guys. One was more of a subdued blue the other was even better than the picture. Just a little advice to novice Ricordea buyers and coral buyers, lighting is key to bring out their colors. All my Ricordea and corals are under custom HO 3 Watt Bridgelux 12 LED lighting in 6 10000k to 20000k pure white and 6 mix of Blue and Super Blue in a 440 to 475nm range in Nano tanks. Great lighting is the key to bringing out all the colors in coral and with Ricordea great lightin...
curt of western ny
blue ricordea
nice. not quite as bright as in picture. hoping they color up a bit with time. nice yellow mouths.
Corey of Alaska
blue Ricordea
Got my blue ricordea and it was great, opened up right away, big and blue, very happy!
Ashley of Inverness, FL
Easy corals!
Nice ricordea, grow easily, very satisfied with all their rics!
James McCloud of Columbus Indiana
I bought of these beautiful blue rics and wow they are fantastic looking two of them was already splitting so I ended up with 6 total!!!! Love Reefs2Go you guys haven't let me down yet!!!
George of Chicago
I got this in a package deal, Came looking great and just got better as time went on. 2 weeks in and I can tel it is growing!
Mel Stuard of Brownwood, Tx
Blue Ricordea
Nice small Blue Ricordea , is doing well in my tank. Thanks for the great price. will be shopping with you again.
Shelley Rybak of Florida
I purcased three of them, came on time, and are doing very well.
Pamela of Lithia, FL
Blue Ricordia
Very pleased with the ricordias I received. Very healthy and acclimated well at a wonderful price. Will definately be shopping with Reefs2Go again!
Eric of North Port, FL
Blue Ricordea
Nice small mushroom of ricordea at a very reasonable price. Thanks!