Yellow Coral Polyps 5+ Polyps
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Yellow Coral Polyps 5+ Polyps
Yellow Coral Polyps 5+ Polyps

Yellow Coral Polyps 5+ Polyps

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COMMON NAME: Yellow Polyps
FOOD/DIET: Microplankton, baby brine shrimp
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

5 polyps attached to rock or reef plug

Please note: when ordering multiple quantities of the same polyps, we will do our best to ship them on the same fragment. I.E. Quantity of 1 will be shipped as 1 fragment with 5 polyps on it; quantity of 2 will be shipped as one fragment with 10 polyps (based on availability at the time of shipment). PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE NOTES IN ORDER REQUESTING SEPARATE FRAGS AS WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE THAT TYPE OF REQUEST

  • Easy coral to grow

  • Likes high light and good flow

If multiple quantities are ordered, they will come together on 1 rock for a larger colony of color.

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Customer Reviews
Shay B of Florida
Yellow Coral Polyps
I have purchased a few zoanthids prior to getting these beautiies. I still wasn't sure what to expect but Reefs2Go didn't let me down! It was an awesome selection and after settling into the tank it woke up and stretched out so pretty within minutes. Now it's growing so well! I've ordered since buying these and I'll keep buying more. The quality and service can't be beat! I promise
curt of western ny
yellow polyps
nice polyps. opened soon after acclimation. not quite as bright as in picture.
Kelly of West Virginia
Yellow Polyps
Arrived alive looked great..
Krissy Gadwaw of Chalmette
Yellow Polyp
Sooooo pretty and as soon as I put it in the tank and turned the lights opened beautifully!
Justin Storm of central Minnesota
i bought this coral because i thought it looked cool in the picture. i bought 2. when i got my order i had one piece with about 16-20 heads. absolutely beautiful
Emily of Texas
My favorites
Order just 5 polyps and received 9. After only 3 weeks, I count 17 heads! I have already created a second frag and they continue to propagate like crazy!
Jeff of WV
Very Pleased
These corals arrived very healthy. Acclimated 2 hours and opened within 15 min. after 2 weeks are growing fantastic, Thanks Reefs2Go.
lenny of newmarket nh
reef pack
as always all inverts are in great shape incl. my lettuce nudibranchs
Jeff of Baltimore
Very healthy
I am so impressed with this coral. It opened within an hour of adding it to my tank after acclimation. All of the polyps show great extension, and the color is very bright. I couldn't be happier.
Stephanie Mann of Palmer , AK
received last week and was open with in an hour of placement in the tank. Great addition. Thanks
Billy of Illinois
Great Coral
This is a fantastic coral - easy to grow and added color to my tank!! Thanks Reefs2go