Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
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Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)
Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)

Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.)

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The Green Star Polyps Coral (Pachyclavularia sp.) are a popular genera of coral. Not only because it’s so enjoyable to watch their little polyps sway as the water flows, are easy to propagate and will spread quickly throughout your reef aquarium.
Rather than having feathery tentacles seen on encrusting gorgonians, the Green Star Polyps Coral has 8 bold tentacles that are slender and smooth. These tentacles surround a center cavity, or the mouth of the coral, that is often another contrasting color adding an additional spark to these already stunning mat polyps. The Green Star Polyps Coral forms a horizontal connection, which interconnect forming a network type structure with all polyps housed in tubular bowls and coordinating all movements.

The Green Star Polyps Coral is noted for being a great indicator of water quality and flow. They react quite quickly to changes in their environment by not opening up. It is very vital that the pH and Alkalinity levels are balanced to encourage growth and color of this ostentatious and easy to keep coral.

These corals are often confused with Encrusting Gorgonians and Pipe Organ Corals; all three have similar color and shaped polyps, especially when the Green Star Polyps Coral’s polyps are expanded, obscuring the underlying structure. At first glance, it might be difficult for even a seasoned reef enthusiast to distinguish between the three genera.
Under the right conditions the Green Star Polyps Coral will grow swiftly and may be invasive to other corals within its environment. This issue could be easily addressed by providing sufficient room between corals in your aquarium and should prevent them from becoming too invasive.

Keep in mind that you should leave a minimum of six inches between corals, to allow for growth. Large colonies are similar in facade to a phosphorescent lawn. The way this coral works is it encrusts a rock and colonializes just about anything it gets near. When a rock is crammed full, the colonies will react by shooting out a waxy purple growth that can then be glued to another rock. In no time it will attach to the rock and become its own colony.

These corals require light but are adaptable and do well under modest fluorescent lighting. Utilizing actinic blue lighting would help make your coral glow a lavished green color-especially when the daylights are not on. It is suggested that you use multiple light switches for your lights and provide the Green Star Polyps Coral a period at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, where you only have actinic lights on.

Once this coral has been placed in a proper aquatic environment, with great water quality, there will be no obstacles as to how much the Green Star Polyps Coral could grow. If you provide your Green Star Polyps Coral some TLC you just might find it growing deep into your heart.

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Customer Reviews
Roy of Pa
Khaled of Miami
Crazy Grower
Mine has been getting 5 new heads every week...crazy!
Joanne of Richmond VA
Green Star Polyps
These are great! They opened up right away and are doing very well in my tank. Good sized frag, and very healthy polyps.
Ellen of New Mexico
Green Star Polyps Coral
My piece came with 20+ pollyps. One of the polyps opened the second I put it in the tank. Most of the rest were open by the next day. I've had it for almost two weeks now and it seems like there's a new polyp just about every day. Absolutely gorgeous under the actinics.
David S of Harrisonburg VA
Another great one from r2g
these are awesome. started opening within 2 hours ( not guaranteed of course) adds much needed color and arrived incredibly healthy
Keith of Mason OH
Nice color
Nice bright green color. Only took a day or 2 to open up. I would definitely recommend.
Maryann Taylor of Loves Park , IL
green neon star polyp
mine started opening within 2 days .... pretty cool!
Jennifer of midwest
star polyps
These lttile guys are so cool!! only took two days for these guys to oepn right up love them!
Ashley of Inverness, FL
This thing is alive??
Very strange looking piece when it arrives! Looks like a purple piece of rubber. Opened after 4 days in my tank. Great buy!
adrian of houston
green spc
fast shipping, great color i am very satisfied and will be ordering from them again soon
Mona of Pleasanton CA
Green Star Polyp
I was devastated when I received this purple leathery piece of coral! I have always liked this coral and it was my chance to get it at a discounted price! After 1 week, suddenly 10 polyps came out of their shyness and were beautiful. Unfortunately they came off their rock and I kind of had to put them in a place where they couldn't be moved by the currents. Now a couple of months later the small piece of GSP has doubled in size and it has attached itself to the new rock I had put it on. My fa...
brian of Orlando
Green Star Polyp