Yellow Coral Gorgonian
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Yellow Coral Gorgonian
Yellow Coral Gorgonian
Yellow Coral Gorgonian
Yellow Coral Gorgonian
Yellow Coral Gorgonian
Yellow Coral Gorgonian

Yellow Coral Gorgonian

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Yellow Coral Gorgonian (Gorgonia sp.) *Filter feeder *Requires strong non lateral flow *Does not require special lighting *Is NON photosynthetic
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Customer Reviews
Blair H of San diego
I purchased this gorg with my cleaner crew sampler. For 9.99 you can beat this piece. It's huge, healthy and beautiful. It's not just some rinky dink gorg clipping. It's a full on masterpiece of a specimen. Don't pass this one up.
Joey G of Union, MS
Yellow Gorgonian
I ordered one of these a year ago, and I received a couple of sprigs. They have done good, but grow very slowly. I took a chance and ordered another last week, and all I can say is, "WOW!" It's at least 4" tall and looks almost exactly like the one in the picture! After acclimation, it extended polyps almost immediately once in the tank. It is a beautiful specimen that I look forward to enjoying for years to come. Kudos to R2G, and THANK YOU!!!
David Silva of Atlanta, GA
Great Product!
I received my Gorgonian today and let me just say WOW! It was HUGE and looked beautiful when it opened up! This was one of the several products I purchased from Reefs2go. This was also my first online purchase of corals and fish. Reefs2go has really impressed me, their friendly service reps makes the ordering process and breeze. They have certainly earned my business! Thank You! :-)