Duncanops Coral  aka Duncan Coral- Single Head (Duncanopsammia axifuga)
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Duncanops Coral  aka Duncan Coral- Single Head (Duncanopsammia axifuga)
Duncanops Coral  aka Duncan Coral- Single Head (Duncanopsammia axifuga)

Duncanops Coral aka Duncan Coral- Single Head (Duncanopsammia axifuga)

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Australian Duncanops

Duncanopsammia axifuga

  • Also known as Whisker Coral.

LIVE Saltwater DUNCANOPS coral - 1 head

Multiple Quantities will come as one piece

Customer Reviews
Ryan of Santa Rosa, CA
Duncan Coral
One of my favorite corals! Came so healthy and opened right up. Next day was eating mysis. Now (a couple months later), has 4 new baby heads forming.
Joey G of MS
Duncan coral
I bought three heads on 9/23/13. It came in perfect condition with a baby head, for a total of four heads. Three months later, I have three more baby heads! Perfectly packaged and shipped... you can't beat R2G!!!
isaac of Kingman Az
just awesome was fully opened when i got it!
Dominic of Pearland Texas
My last minute pick
It turned out - *** STUNNING ***
Brian G. of Lexington, KY
Duncan Coral
I had bought one in early June of 2013. It had two heads. It opened up the day after i placed it in my tank. The Heads opened up to a nice size, about two inches with full extension. Now ( September 13) there are a total of six heads. It is an awesom coral. Sofar everything i got fom reefs2go has been awesome. everything arrived healthy and grows like crazy.
Josh of Wv
Duncan coral
Got one 2 months ago and it has 6 heads in it now and i dont feed it. It is just a beautiful coral everyone should have one of them in there tank.
Terry Beavers of Bluefield WV
Duncan coral
Purchased two heads. Now they have split into about seven heads. A must have coral.
JR Nimeskern of Washington, NC
These guys look really great! I bought 2 and they sent me 2 frags of 2. Great customer service and they really try there best to satisfy the customer. I was worried when ordering for the first time online, but I have since placed 6 orders over the past few months because I feel more comfortable buying from Reefs2Go than my LFS
Bob B of Williamsburg, Va
Duncans coral
Don't miss out on these! Mine is absolutely stunning. Better than the pictures. Ordered 4 heads,but had a small extra head coming under on of the big ones. One of my all time favorites.
JD of IL
Favorite coral!
These are some of my favorite coral. Purchased a single stalk from Reefs2Go back in May 2012. That one stalk now has 7 heads that have grown off the single head. I also picked up a 4 stalk piece last month and it too is already sprouting new heads. Whisker coral are very nice looking and will do very well under t5 lighting (place in the substrate or low in the tank - they don't seem to need a ton of light and are very tolerant to med/heavy flow). I feed each head every 1-2 days using shrimp p...
George of Chicago
Came and I could barely see it, but opened up 12 hours after acclimation. Beautiful as can be!
Emily of Texas
Worth it and so much more!!!
I order a frag with two heads and was absolutely blown away by the size and color. Ordered another single head because I liked it so much and I was not disappointed! The original piece already has a third head, and the second has two little polyps sprouting. These are stunning!
Cheryl of Maine
I paid for a single, got a quad. I am in love with this piece. STUNNING! Jump on this one folks. 10+++
Frank Navarro of Naples, FL
After one month, coral is doing great.
I purchased one head like a month ago from reefs2go's specials. It arrived healthy and is doing really good. Can't complain at all. I think the price is a bang for the bucK!