Green Candy Cane Coral (Caulastrea furcata)
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Green Candy Cane Coral (Caulastrea furcata)
Green Candy Cane Coral (Caulastrea furcata)

Green Candy Cane Coral (Caulastrea furcata)

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Prefers Medium to High Lighting and enjoys being target fed one - two times per week. Great Beginner coral and will amaze tank watchers with its interactive feeding behavior.
Food: Basted with Blended mixture 1-2 times per week
Position: I have these in medium-high lighting (VHO/Metal Halides), about mid tank in the open and with moderate flow.

COMMON NAME: Candy Cane Coral
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caulastrea curvata
FOOD/DIET: Zooplankton, baby brine shrimp
CARE LEVEL: Moderately easy
AVAILABILITY: Most always available - 99%

  • Requires high lighting and medium flow.

  • Also requires weekly/bi-weekly supplemental feeding

Multiple Quantities will come as one piece

Customer Reviews
Ruthie of Flushing, NY
Nice piece
Piece came with 2 heads. Really nice piece and has grown & sprouted a new head a few weeks later.
Chris Posey of Hawkinsville GA
Green Candy Cane
Awesome color, ordered 1 head and got 2,now 2 more heads are sprouting. Can't wait until You get the Red back in stock. A++++
Jordan of Tampa, FL
Green candy cane coral
Purchased five heads and got six. They're a nice color especially under blue light. Always a pleasure doing business with R2G.
shalina Rivera of olive branch
love them
nice size annd fast shipping
Alan Ray of Louisville, y
Green Candy Cane
It is doing great, I can't wait for the red version to become available so I can order some of that color! Thanks Reefs2Go!
JD of IL
Another great coral
Very happy with my candy cane from R2G. Got one head back 05/12 and it has expanded into 5 heads now. It's neat to watch it split off - turns into a blob for a few weeks while the transition takes place. Feeds at night with the lights out and readily accepts food from a feeder tube or tongs.
Grace of Mississippi
This coral is so bright in blue lights. I got 2.5 polyps on it. I can't wait to start feeding it and hopefully it will respond just like my sun orange coral. THANKS AGAIN REEFS2GO!