4 Pack of Acropora - as pictured
4 Pack of Acropora - as pictured
Item #: C-ACRO-4PACK
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4 Acropora Frags - as pictured - all 1.5-2" *Pink *Green *Turquoise / Blue *Purple

The Acropora Coral (Acropora suharsonoi) is a genus of small polyp stony coral found within the phylum Cnidaria family. Some of its most popular varieties of this coral include; the Table Coral, Elkhorn Coral, and Staghorn Coral. The number of different Acropora Coral species is debatable, some experts put the number as low as 149 unique species, while others put the number as high as 350 unique species. These corals are ones that are the most responsible for building the immense calcium carbonate substructure that supports the thin living skin of a reef.

Depending on the species and location, the Acropora Coral can grow as plate