Rock Flower Anemone (Epicystis crucifer)
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Rock Flower Anemone (Epicystis crucifer)
Rock Flower Anemone (Epicystis crucifer)
Rock Flower Anemone (Epicystis crucifer)
Rock Flower Anemone (Epicystis crucifer)

Rock Flower Anemone (Epicystis crucifer)

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The Rock Flower anemone is a beautiful anemone but typically clownfish will not host with this anemone. The Rock Flower anemone can do well under a variety of lighting intensities. Coloring varies widely for this type of anemone.
Customer Reviews
Peter of N. Aurora, IL
Easy to grow
Easiest of the good anemones, be careful because peppermint shrimp will attack and kill this one.
Donna of Port Richey
Rock Flower anemone
I love these anemonea. I had a brown/white tenacles and asked for a different color. Whether on purpose or not, this guy is fluorescent orange. Beautiful. Will be ordering more of these. Thanks R2G.
David of Ma
Awesome Anemone
My anemone looks just like the picture. It was very healthy on arrival and was open when I took it out of the box. He anchored himself a few inches from where I put him and hasn't moved since. He has grown very quickly. Thanks Reefs to go!
Diana Bell of Dripping Springs Texas
Rock Flower Anemone
I have to admit, this is my favorite item in my aquarium. I love to watch it eat and just "wave" in the water.
Christi of Southern California
Fullly opened even on arival from florida to california!
I didn't realize how pretty this guy was going to be and how healthy. He never even closed up, he was fully open from time of arrival through acclimating even when put onto the live rock in my 110 gallon! Crazy! I couldn't believe it, going across country didn't do a thing to this guy! Thanks reefs2go! Spending the $100.00 and getting free priority shipping was such a great deal!!! 3 Where's the 11 score on this thing :D
Jarrod of Long Beach. MS
Rock Flower Anemone
Very Nice, Large and Healthy! Could not be happier with the anemone,
Dana C. of Sarasota, Florida
Wonderful speciman
I got this guy and was impressed with health and size. He stayed where I put him and is a beutiful addition to my tank. Reefs2Go is the only site I'll use
Rachel of Georgia
Rock Flower Anemone
I purchased one of these anemones when it was on sale and i'm glad i did! It doesn't quite look like the picture but it's still healthy and a great addition to my tank!
danielle of ma
rock anemone
just bought one of these and its very healthly specimen great quality
J. Bryan of Mississippi
Rock Flower Anemone
I got a faint yellow one a few years back. I found that it did the best with a blue led (460nm) for photosynthesis. In a few months it had gone from pale yellow to darker yellow to green to then producing offspring which it would spit out of the central mouth! It ate whatever food the fish were fed. I did have to turn pumps off for about 10 minutes if I wanted to direct feed it every other week.
Robert R of Virginia
rock flower anemone
What a LARGE one. It looks great in my tank and shines with the lights on it. What a steal for the price. Thanks again...
L . Miller of Philadelphia
Rock Flower Anemones
i have three, very different but beautiful, makes my reef tank look like the sea. doing very well i have to get more.
Sharyn Wertz of Batesburg SC
Flower Anemones
Just received two of these and must say the colors and sizes are excellent. Can't have too many, IMO!
Lancer F of Orlando Fl
Rock Anemone
I was really surprised at how huge this anemone was when I received it..Thanks reefs2go..
Pat of Florida
This seems like a really good deal. I have three of them and they all look a little different and are at three to four inches wide. They are doing great too.