Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)
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Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)
Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)
Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)
Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)

Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)

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Purple Condy Anemone (Condylactis gigantea)
Customer Reviews
Lora of NC
Our new guy was open in the bag when shipment was received and has eaten within 2 hrs of acclimation....R2G is the best!
Moe of NJ
delivery on time. Thank you
Shaina of Nevada
We got Ours !! The Best one I have ever seen !! Big and happy . Perfect addition To our tank
Jeff gutowski of Fort Mohave Az
purple anemone
I've never had much luck buying these from a regular pet store.All I can say is WOW I think my luck has changed.thanks reefs2go
Jessica of Georgia
purple condy
I love this guy!!!! I got him this morning.Paced him beside the rocks. Came home from work tonight and he's HUGE!! Beautiful!! He's already eating!Thank you R2G!
Jose P. of San Diego
Purple condy
One of the first coral in my tank and it looks amazing. Much bigger than I imagined and the color is gorgeous. Settled in as soon as it was placed in the tank and it is eating and looking healthy. Thanks R2G.
Sally of Oklahoma
Purple Condy Anemone
This guy is huge, the size of a small orange! When introduced into the tank, he floated around a few minutes until he found his favorite rock.
Michelle of Northern California
My order
I ordered several items from Reefs2go and everything arrived live and well.All my items are doing great.I will definitely be ordering all my saltwater fish,inverts, etc. from them in the future. Great place to order saltwater items from.
Jessica of West Monroe,La
Condy Anemone
I ordered two of these and much to my surprise they were much larger than what I had expected. This was my very 1st purchase with Reefs2go. The shipping was fast & they arrived well & seem to be doing great in our tank. I will purchase again from Reefs2go!
Pam of south caorlina
condy anomone
I received my anomone yesterday. I bought it on special. I have really back luck with these so hoping it survivies. I was expecting a small one this is one is huge. I acclimated it and put in the tank.yeaterday it is all opened up today and I feed frozen to me fish and it was eatinf like crazy. I think it founf were it wants to be and has settled in for a while. Thank you so much I just love this monster. My clown is trying to host it already but for some reason my b. cardinal has a thing for...
E. Starlin of Ohio
Purple Condy
Beautiful. It is over 8 inches when fully opened up. It loves to eat brine shrimp and mysis shrimp. When I feed it's arms hold onto the feeder. Very healthy. Good item.
christine of fort myers, fl
one really cool dude
Received my purple condy a little over a week ago. First, I was amazed at his size, HUGE! and second was his beauty. Displayed picture doesn't do them justice. By far the coolist thing to watch whether he is eating or hanging from front of the tank. Thankx so much R2G!
Justin Lawrence of McHenry,Ill
Purple Condy
We were very pleased with our newest additions. They were in great shape and much bigger than expected. We will definetly be ordering again! Thanks reefs2go!!
Mike B. of Charlotte, NC
Purple Condy
Just like the other's review, mine came in this morning large and in great shape. After acclimation it tripled in size and picked it's rock already. Absolutely beautiful! Wish I would have ordered 2 of them...
Jim of Carlisle PA
Got mine yesterday, was pleasantly surprised at the size! Huge and healthy.
Mike B. of Charlotte, NC
Purple Condy
Just like the other's review, mine came in this morning large and in great shape. After acclimation it tripled in size and picked it's rock already. Absolutely beautiful! Wish I would have ordered 2 of them...
brandon Stout of Westerville , Oh
Purple Condy
i ordered one of these and have had it for almost 2 months now. it came out of the bag about as big around as a quarter. within a week its body was about 2 inches thick, 2-7 inches long depending on the day and had tentacles about 8 inches long. this thing is beautiful and impressive.
Rebecca Stover of Broken Bow, OK
I ordered one of these guys, I am super please with my order! Arrived in great shape, was supposed to be about 2 inches and when fully opened it is about 8 inches! Look awesome in our tank, will for sure order from here again!
Brian of Holyoke MA
purple cony anemone
Thank you Reefs2ToGo! I received my anemone today and was very surprised at how large and mature it was, the anemone is also very healthy, acclimated just fine and liked the little cove I placed him in. Six hours after acclimation he was looking quite content so I defrosted some mysis shrimp and target fed him-he was hungry and ate it all. My clarkii clown fish has begun to location guard the area above the cove :) I am sure they'll be good friends:)
Joanna Sparby of Crawfordsville , IN
purple condy and more
I received my order today, several fish, some corals, and a couple of nems. Everything arrived in great shape. The purple condy was a surprise when I found it, wasn't expecting it to be so big! Arrived quick and happy. Thanks!
jesse conley of shepherd , MI
two enenomes
2" more like 4 or 5" arrived very healthy and vibrant with color. Cant wait for the lights to turn on in the morning so I can observe them further. First online order and cant wait to pick out some more stuff. THANKS!
marsh campbell of port huron, mi
purple condy
I received mine today. Didn't expect such a nice anenome! The picture doesn't do it justice. The pink color is almost like a flouresant. It arrived in great shape, it was mostly all showing when we tool it out of the box, looked great all thru acclimation. Put him where we wanted it, fef it some shrimp an it stayed right their. It's spread out so nice, it's actually the nicest anenome i ever seen. Thanku R2GO
Rachel of Georgia
first online order ever!
I bought one of these anemones as my first saltwater online order ever and was very pleased! When it arrived it looked half dead but after about an hour in my tank it perked up! It's big and the colors look even better than in the picture! Definitely going to order more from here!
Chad of Georgia
Just part of my last order and the 2 I received were huge and in great condition. This was my second order and I will be making more in the future.
Angel of Deltona, FL
Bought 2 Condy Anemones
LOVE THEM! Great color, I bought 4 of them! All are happily eating and the colors are sooo nice! What's great is they pearched right next to each other so it looks like a bouquet of flowers :) These need to go on sale to $4.99 each more often, I would LOVE to buy more... oh and my pair of maroon clowns are hosting all 4 of them!
gary of ohio
looks great bright color and is side by side with my other anemone. This was my first purchase with you so far everything is good with you. Had one problem with DOA fish but you replaced them no problem and i appriciate
Christa of Miami
Fun to start with!
First anemone... beautiful and fun to watch. Moves around the tank and can enlarge and shrink itself which takes getting used to. When big... it's BIG!! Doesn't seem to hurt anything in our reef tank and the mushroom corals it is currently sitting on seem just fine. Nice beginning anemone.