Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
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Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)

Green Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)

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The Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) has the reputation of being one of the easier sea anemones to keep and comes in a few different colors or varieties. It is also commonly referred to as a Bulb Aneone, GBTA or the Four Colored Anemone. The color morphs of this particular variety can vary greatly from one to the next. has found that feeding the anemones a meaty food 1-2 times per week can greatly affect the vibrancy of their colors. The foot of the anemone will attach to a rocky surface, preferring moderate flow and medium to strong lighting. The Bubble anemone is a moderate stinging anemone, therefore care should be used when handling the anemone with bare hands. The GBTA can grow to one foot in diameter and will split often to produce babies when happy in its surroundings.

The GBTA does well as a host for several species of clownfish listed below:

  • Amphiprion akindynos - Barrier Reef Clownfish
  • A. clarkii - Clark's Clownfish
  • A. frenatus - Tomato Clownfish
  • A. melanopus - Red and Black Clownfish
  • A. ocellaris - Ocellaris Clownfish
  • Premnas Biaculeatus - Maroon Clownfish

Small= ~2"

Customer Reviews
Jay of Central NJ
I ordered two GBTA... And I must say they are healthy and beautiful.... Can't beat the price.... reefs2go is the way to go.... Great prices good service.... And they keep u posted on your orders and shipping status.... 100% super satisfied.....
Lenny T of NJ
first one was doa, got the replacement today and seems like its doing well even though its still settling in. thanks Nicole good job!
Joanne White of Richmond, VA
Green Bubble Tip Anemone
Very beautiful green color on my anemone! It settled in pretty quickly and is doing very well. Extremely attractive coloring, and a good size specimen as well.
John of South Texas
Green BTA
Received a Green BTA and upon arrival the bag had leaked only leaving enough water for it to barely submerge itself in the acclimating tank. Me and my Fiancee thought it was dead but began to slowly foot around. Placed in tank and it has picked the perfect display spot responding very well to my 4bulb t5 fixture and the moderate water flow. Will buy from reefs to go again, very impressed with colors!
Edward of
I bought one awhile ago and the size was great, but it is not green at all. Mine is grey blue and lacks color. Great size for price but color disappointing.
Russ of South Georgia
green BTA
Arrived healthy and looking great. Placed in a low area of the tank with moderate flow. it hasn't moved as of yet and is partially inflating at about the 1 week point. It is fluctuating between closed up and about 50% inflation. Is already eating and looks very healthy. Probably just needs a little more time to adjust.
Brian of Maryland
Bubble tip anemone
Got mine yesterday very impressed. much bigger than expected will order again.
Christi of Southern California
Great Deal! Beautiful Anemone!
He was already partially open even after being overnighted from florida to california! I was supper impressed with this guy. After acclimating I put him down in the live rocks, he has been hiding behind the live rocks still acclimating to the light, but he is coming out slowly towards the light every day. But only after being in the tank for a short while this guy opened right up! so pretty, can't wait until he decides to come out from behind the live rock!
John.C of California
Got this green BTA on my second order this year from reefs2go really happy BTA arrived all deflated and stuff but as soon as I acclimated it it was up and beautiful really looking to getting a Rose BTA later on from Reefs2go.
timothy craig trexler of maryland
green bubbletip anemone
this guy looks great under incadesents. my false nemos love it,but the bigger one runs the other off it.guess it is just to good to share=)
Scott of Newark, Delaware
I ordered 2 green bubble tips and received them 12 hours after they left the facility! One of the bags leaked and was nearly empty but was still wet. I acclimated anyway and it bounced back by the end of the night. Both have been healthy for 2 months now hosting a pair of breeding snowflake clowns. I was skeptical of internet livestock before this but I would recommend reefs2go to others. The customer service was good and they promptly returned email but I did have trouble with phone communic...
Ellen of New Mexico
Green BTA
Arrived fully inflated looking beautiful. Foot was entirely intact and mouth was buttoned up tight. Good sticky tentacles. Hid for about a day then settled in a spot on the side of the tank. Beautiful fluorescent green color under the actinics.
Dje of Sc
Green Bubble Tip
I bought 2 on separate occasions. The first was DOA the second arrived healthy but died 19 days later. I have 2 other species in my tank that are thriving. What am I doing wrong with the bubble tip?
Josh of Myrtle beach
Bubble tip anemone
I absolutely love reefs to go!!shipping is quick and the quality of there products are awesome. When I received my bubble tip he was so healthy, he even attached to the plastic. He's bigger than what I thought he'd be. I also received a pistol shrimp who instantly started making mounds in the tank to protect his home. Thanks for the great service and amazing livestock. I wish I lived closer to actually go to your store.
Tony of Pensacola FL
Green BTA
Was very impressed with the two anemones that Reefs2go picked out for me. Both were very nicely sized and free with my purchase of two clown fish. This was my first time ever buying online and was very impressed with the shipping, packing, and arrival of my purchase from the site. I will now only buy from Reefs2go for all my saltwater stocking items. THANKS R2G!
Keith of Oregon
Very Pretty (and Very Hardy)
Fedex had an "issue" and my package which arrived 2 days after shipment rather than 1 day. I was very concerned that I would receive box of dead critters. But most everything survived. The Green Bubble Anemone looked iffy on arrival. But it perked right up and has made a great addition to my tank. The folks at Reefs2Go quickly credited my account for the item that didn't make it (an Acro). So I'm very happy with my purchase. I will definitely order from Reefs2Go again.
Diane VanLeuvan of Staatsburg, NY
Green Bubble Tip Anemone
The green BTA that I purchased is amazing. Colors are great. Got a lot of Anemone for the money.
adam of new castle, pa
arrived in great shape and was huge! did well in my tank for a few weeks then I somehow it got sucked up into the power head.... not sure what happened but I will be ordering another from R2G when i'm ready for another.
E. Starlin of Ohio
Green Bubble Tip Anemone
I worried about ordering online, but believe me, after seeing that the live fish stores sell smaller specimens of these for about twice the price, I will not hesitate to order again. When fully opened my BTA is about 5 inches across. Eats very well and is fun to watch. My clownfish and BTA have taken about 2 weeks, but all 4 of my clownfish are now hosted by the BTA. So fun to watch. Thank you.
James Min of Flushing NY
My order just arrived...
I had the order shipped to work, as that's where i'd be, and when the mail truck arrived, i could see that the package was tossed, kicked, and scrapped all over the place. It looked Grim, I hesitantly opened the box to see if there were any survivors, and i'm happy to say... EVERYTHING arrived alive and very active! Inside that poor box with the excellent inner packaging was a GBTA (larger than i'd expected and still health and plump) 2 false percs (perfect as can be!) and 2 shaving brush mac...
Daniel of Orlando
I got a Gbt about 2 weeks ago and it looked bad coming out of the bag.. It was all deflated with its stomach coming out and had a few tears in the foot. But after 3 dAs it ca,e out And my clown is already in love! Looks more like a long tnent anomone though...
Sue of Fredericksburg, VA
Green Bubble Tip Anemone
This anemone arrived healthy and beautiful. Within a few hours in my tank, it looked exactly as the photos shown above. I received my Bubble tip over 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be more pleased ... I want to get a second one for my other tank. Great price and my favorite Reefs2go purchase.
richard emmert of jim thorpe , pa
Green Bubble Tip
Ordered 3, all arrived in great health and much bigger than stated. Will be ordering from Reef2Go again
Joanne of Virginia
Green Bubble Tip Anemone
I am so pleased with this anemone! For starters, it was much larger than expected. My two skunk clowns comfortably share this anemone. Also it is a very beautiful bright green color! It is healthy and doing very well. Please remember that anemones shrink during shipping so allow a minimum 24 hours for the anemone to expand fully and settle in. A++++
kelly delay of washington state
bubble tip
first time user a month ago everything i ordered was great all doing well. I am building 2 bio tanks and cant say enough about the service
J denis of CT
Green bubble tip anemone
Wow fantastic color & size !! My clown fish took right to her .. Another hot item great job R2G!!
gedas mas of astoria
their customer service is great and prompt. if something comes DOA they always issue you a gift card which you never get at your local LFS. besides that corals and anemones look great. highly recommend and keep up amazing work guys!
Jerry of El Sobrante
Great buy!
I can't say enough about R2G! this was another great piece It was alive and well. almost fully extended in the bag after about 5min under my Kessil 150. It took right to the tank after acclamation and is full and colorful my clowns are starting to host it already!
Donald of Ormond Beach
Bubble Tip Anemone
This was my first order from I am very impressed and will be ordering more soon. Great prices and excellent customer service also.
Carl of Michigan
Bubble Tip Anemone
I bought one of these as part of a large order of items and WOW was I surprised when it arrived!! Very healthy and much larger than I expected!! Thanks R2G for another great order
Jessica of Nashville
Big bubble tip
The bubble tip we received was a great size. It made his home in a cave of live rock, but has recently moved itself forward. We've been feeding it mysis shrimp, and it is adjusting well!
LynnCeeBee of Beautiful Upstate NY
Bubble tip anemone
Beautiful specimen!! After it mellowed awhile in my tank, I started feeding it silversides....and today I found it had split!! I now have two Bubble tips, and they're gorgeous, and my clownfish is busy trying to take care of both.
Terrie Connelly of Andrews, TX
Love my Bubble Tip Anemone!
I ordered one of these Green Bubble Tip Anemones a couple weeks ago while on sale along with other stuff. My shipment came in quick and everything as healthy as can be! Have to admit when I first got my saltwater tank I put one in there and it only lasted about 3 days.. I just wasn't ready! It poofed have no idea what happened to it! It was tiny though.. this one came in and it is bigger than I thought it would be! My cute little nemo took right to it and has been hosting in it since about 2 ...
Nathaniel Davis of Cocoa , FL
Green bubble-tip anemone
My BTA arrived healthy and beautiful. I have two Maroon Clowns that hosted with it within a few hours after I introduced it into the tank.
Jpfaubel of
Green bubble tip
My anemone just arrived this morning and it looks great. Full of color and healthy as I could ask for
Bev of TX
super healthy & beautiful!
Jeannette of NC
Green Bubble Tip Anemone
Beautiful! Arrived healthy, My Maroon Clown is in Love!!
tonya of iowa
green bubble tip
Every thing arrived safely and once put into the tank seemed to be opening up nicely. I left for an hour and when I got back. proof the green bubble tip is gone! I cant find it anyway in the tank. I think my maroon clown fish buried it in the sand. She took right away to the other anemone and seems tha she is going to host with it.
clarisse of nj
green bubble tip anemone
nice size big,healthy and in one day my tomatoes clowns were in it,i got 2 which they went to the place they want to be no where u put them so pacience.
Stephanie Mann of Palmer , AK
Great Green Bubbletip
I received a wonderful green bubbletip last week. As usual the anemone did not want to inhabit the area I chose for it and after multiple attempts to convince it, i feared I had disturbed it too much. The next morning it looked less than pleased, but once we came to a compromise, it opened beautifully and is a huge anemone! Thanks so much!
Cheryl of Maine
Green Bubble Anemone
Looked great when it arrived. Mine lasted about 4 wks. It never ate. It moved from what should have been a prime spot to the darkest area. It then turned to mush in about 24 hrs. Out of fairness, I have never been able to keep a anemone alive. Prior to ordering new stock I do a water check. All perameters were correct.
Joseph of Colorado
Great Deal
This anemone is in great shape. It looks real happy and my maroon clownfish made a home in it quickly. Great buy awesome price. Thank you.
Jerry of Florida
Christina and her crew are simply amazing! The anemone is beautiful and I love it. Only the best from Reefs2Go.
Robert Reese of Virginia
My order arrived in great shape. Everyone looked in great shape and started settling in very fast. The extra heat pads kept them warm during this cold snowy winter. I have never seen such a large healthy pinkpin urchin and all of the rest were even better than that. Everyone arrived in separate bags and packaged so no one got crushed. Thanks again for such great orders. A++++++service. I wish others were this concerned for their livestock.
Dennis of Virginia
Great deal
The Reefs2go price is a 50% savings from the local petstores. The heating bag that was sent with my shipment was a nice touch. My shipment arrived in heathy condition. Still waiting on rest of my ordered to be shipped
Mark of Arkansas
Bubble anenome
Every anenome needs a pair of clown fish and every pair of clown fish need an anenome. Like two peas in a pod. It should be noted that care in reef tanks are required for any anenome as they will kill any coral they come in contact with. Anenome can and will travel throughout your tank in search of specific location to call home, despite where you may first place them. All in all, worth the risk!
Chris Adams of Huntsville, AL
Green Bubble tip anemone
I recieved a very hearty Green BTA, it acclimated very well to my tank. When I placed it in my tank it attached very quickly to some live rock that I had in place for it. The only thing I could tell someone is if it is there first time owning a anemone is do not panic it when the tentacles delfate and it looks like your anemone is dying, it is probally just using the bathroom look for brown stringy stuff coming out of the mouth is a good way of telling. It will do this from time to time usual...
Brian T of ND
Green BTA
This was a very nice large anemone that appears to be setting up for a split already after 1 week in my system. Reefs2Go sent me a specimen that is in great health and sized just right.
Lynn Tran of Hayward, CA
Recent Order feedback
This is my 1st time ordering any life stock coral or fish from the website. But, man I tell you it was a joyful experience and the quality of your product is outstanding. All three of my anemone are doing very well everyone seems to be healthy and active. I am looking to get more from you and price are reasonable.
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