General Store Review – Lex- SC

It was my first time ordering livestock online and I was extremely iffy about the process. I took a chance with Reefs2Go and extremely satisfy with the entire process. I was able to make minor changes to my order the night before the shipment was shipped via email. The order arrived well packaged and all of the livestock is healthy. I'm in the process of ordering more livestock for Reefs2Go.

Awesome service and stock - John - MD

If you ever have a worry about ordering stock from Reefs2Go simply don't worry! We order hundreds of dollars worth of fish, inverts, and corals, and they all arrive perfect. Think about this.....when you buy at a local store you get a lousy 24 hour guarantee and sick fish. With these folks you get 14 days and they are healthy. I will never again by from a local pet store.

Happy Customer!!!!

Hi, I won a Gift Cert for these guy's through the reef Club I have joined( KBMAS), I ordered these snail's, I got 100.