General Store Review – Lex- SC

It was my first time ordering livestock online and I was extremely iffy about the process. I took a chance with Reefs2Go and extremely satisfy with the entire process. I was able to make minor changes to my order the night before the shipment was shipped via email. The order arrived well packaged and all of the livestock is healthy. I'm in the process of ordering more livestock for Reefs2Go.

Awesome service and stock - John - MD

If you ever have a worry about ordering stock from Reefs2Go simply don't worry! We order hundreds of dollars worth of fish, inverts, and corals, and they all arrive perfect. Think about this.....when you buy at a local store you get a lousy 24 hour guarantee and sick fish. With these folks you get 14 days and they are healthy. I will never again by from a local pet store.

Happy Customer!!!!

Hi, I won a Gift Cert for these guy's through the reef Club I have joined( KBMAS), I ordered these snail's, I got 100.00 of them and they all arrived alive and are doing great, my sand bed look's so much better. I can say, I will order from them

Cleaner shrimp – Stephanie - SC

This is such a fun shrimp to have in your aquarium! Active, out and about, and has even taken to cleaning my hand when I'm doing in-tank work!! Funny guy, and of excellent quality!

Livestock – Stephanie - SC

I have to say the quality of their livestock and level of customer service exceeds every storefront in my area. Even after having things shipped they are so healthy and vibrant! I will be a repeat customer!!

Lawnmower Blenny – Dave - FL

This guy is a very good fish. He loves to clean the algae and goes inside my overflow tank and cleans that! Great fish and a great company to deal with. 2 Thumbs up!

Great Products- Stephanie – MD


5 Stars – Ron- FL

My first purchase from Reefs2go was amazing! All the live stock was well packed. Everything arrived healthy and doing well. I can not wait to order again. Thanks

Pods Everywhere - Sharyn Wertz | Batesburg SC

"Crawling with life" has got to be the understatement of the year. Forget gently tapping the bag...these guys all but pound on the bag demanding to be let out. Dozens are large enough to be named! If you need pods, you can't go wrong with these. Just be sure to put the filter material in your tank and leave it there for a day or so to give all the pods a chance to find other lodgings in your tank!

Green Star Polyp - Brian - Orlando, FL

I received my GSP on time and everything was great, The piece i got was twice as big as they said. I love reefs2go. I buy everything from here

Clown Trigger - Dave

The clown trigger I got is about 2 inches long. Christina told me to put Romaine Lettuce on a PVC pipe and it worked great. I started with Algae sheets and then put Romaine lettuce and he eats everything. When they are small the mortality rate is high, so take her advice and get him to eat. Now I am feeding him Fresh Crab, Clams and Silversides, plus the flake foods (Reef Plus) and some Formula 3 flake. He ate the clam in record time, loves the algae sheets and ate the Romaine Lettuce! Reefs2Go is a great place to buy and to learn about Fish! Thanks Christina and Staff! Thumbs up!

Great Livestock - Thang- SC

This is my second time ordered through r2g and the experien