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Are you interested in purchasing the most exquisite corals for your aquarium? Whether you're looking for Hard Corals or Easy Soft Corals, Reefs2Go is proud to offer the best selection in these beautiful, high-quality, thriving mini-ecosystems.

You can get away with having an aquarium without corals, but keep in mind that in a natural environment, corals support around 25% of marine life! In an aquarium, they provide a thriving ecosystem and add an indescribable amount to the aesthetic appeal.

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What are Corals?

Corals, whether Hard Corals or Soft Corals, are beautiful structures that support thousands of the sea's organisms. In fact corals themselves are alive, and it is estimated that 25% of all marine life are supported by them! Technically, corals are made of tiny animals called coral polyps and the skeletons they leave behind when they die. Corals are usually classified as either hard corals or soft corals.

Hard Corals

Hard Corals usually grow in large colonies and make up coral reefs. They create skeletons out of limestone, which eventually becomes the rocky structure most of us are familiar with. Hard corals survive on tiny algae, and sometime small fish like plankton. When people talk about "coral," they are usually talking about hard corals.

Soft Corals

Soft Corals often seem like plants or trees. These interesting corals don't have stone-like skeletons, they have woody cores and fleshy rinds for protection. They are non-reef-building corals and don't necessarily need algae to survive. They're naturally found in a variety of climates, both tropical and cooler regions. Many soft corals are very easy to keep and are suitable for a beginner tank.

Tips about Corals

>Many types of corals can sting! The living polyps can use tentacles to sting, usually to catch very small sea life.
>If you've never owned corals before, try starting with Mushroom Corals (Soft Corals)
>Make sure you have excellent water quality and decent lighting
>If you have any questions, we are happy to help!

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