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Live Copepods: Saltwater Aquarium Super Food

Live Copepods: Saltwater Aquarium Super Food

Live Copepods are tiny crustaceans, roughly about the size of a flea, packed with nutrition and a favorite amongst many saltwater fish, and their owners. Mandarin Gobies, Seahorses, Pipefish and more are very fond of amphipods and copepods. Fish feeding on this product are known to be healthier, live longer and have fewer issues. Copepods are a super food of sorts, packed with sustaining fatty acids.

How to Use Live Copepods

Pod use is a very simple process. They can be added directly to the saltwater tank or its refugium system, preferably at a time when the fish are relatively dormant. Whether the primary food source or combined with another product, nutritional benefits can still be realized. Live copepods display frequent, sharp movements which catch the eye of fish in the tank, triggering more activity. Copepods can reproduce, surviving off of microalgae, fish flake particles and, on occasions, other pods. This generates a replenishing food supply for saltwater fish.

Copepods and Amphipods Mix

Our copepod packages are mixed a healthy supply of Amphipods , a fellow soft shelled crustacean. Amphipods are substantially larger then their counterparts and easy to identify. Most are a centimeter in length, while some grow to be 2 inches, making them particularly good for larger fish. They thrive in most all marine ecosystems and remain a huge contributor to the survival of saltwater fish in these areas. Like copepods, amphipods are scavengers feeding on the waste and bacteria in your tank.

Copepod Packages

While there are multiple species of live Copepods and Amphipods, all are packed with highly viral nutrients. They are a durable product, highly affordable and marine fish love them. Saltwater aquariums thrive with Copepods. Reefs2Go offers Copepods for sale in packages to suit any tanks size needs. Our best selling $9.99 package is a best seller. It's a 250 count with free shipping on your order. Seeking a larger supply? Our Buy 1, Get 1 deals are a phenomenal offer. For any pod BOGO package purchased, we will ship another, equal count pack for free. All orders come with a 14-day live guarantee.
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