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Choosing your corals for your tank can be a feel like a daunting task.

So many options, so many needs to consider. Planning ahead can help eliminate the confusion by researching and knowing the needs of the corals you like and what your saltwater aquarium can specifically handle. Unlike buying furniture, the wrong coral will not just look out of place, it can also die.

Due to the cost, many people start with coral frags such as a candy apple zoanthid frag, which are simply babies of the mother colony. Coral frags can be found in virtually all types of corals, from zoanthids or palythoas to SPS (small polyp stonies). Some larger variations of LPS corals (large polyp stonies) are not easily fragged.

Reefs2Go is proud to offer a healthy, thriving, immense selection of saltwater coral at the best price. Whether you are looking for high light corals such as chalices or low light corals like orange sun coral our in house selection of over 300 different types of corals is sure to impress anyone.

With over 5400 square feet of saltwater, Reefs2go offers the largest selection of corals, plants, fish, live food & invertebrates in stock at any given time.

Using the navigation above, feel free to mix and match based upon the type of aquarium you have and the needs of the corals.