Palythoa Corals are a group of soft corals which grow similar to that of Zoanthids, however paly

Arctic Ice Palythoa Coral - 10+ Polyps
Red Death Palythoa Coral 10+ Polyps
Cats Eyes Palythoa Coral - 10+ Polyps
Yellow Coral Polyps 5+ Polyps
Red People Eater Palys - Palythoa 10+ Polyps
Bright Green Palys 10+ Polyps
Ides of March Palythoa Coral (Palythoa sp.)  10+ Polyps
PeaPie Palythoa Coral 10+ Polyps
Green Dragon Eye Palys (Palythia sp) - 1 Polyp
Marsian Man Paly Coral (Palythoa sp.)  10+ Polyps
Blue Palythoa - 10Polyps
Envy Palythoa - 2 Polyps
Copper Penny Paly Coral (Palythoa sp.)  10+ Polyps
Baby Pink Paly Coral (Palythoa sp.) 10+ Polyps
Razzberry Tart Paly - 2 Polyps
Passion Paly - 2 POLYPS