Testimonials offers a wide variety of Coral Sea Fans, Sea Rods and Sea Whips.

Red Gorgonian (Gorgonia sp.)
Sampler Saltwater Sea Whip Nano Pack - 3 Whips - 1 per customer
Purple Sea Whip- NANO
Yellow Coral Gorgonian
Pipe Organ Coral (Tubipora musica)
Delicate Spiny Sea Rod (Muricea sp.)
Purple Sea Whip- SM (Leptogorgia virgulata)
Yellow Sea Whip- Nano
White Australian Pipe Organ Coral (Tubipora musica)
Orange Sea Whip Coral- SM
Chartreuse Spiny Candelabrum Coral
Lavender Spiny Candelabrum Coral
Orange Sea Whip Coral NANO
Yellow Sea Whip- SM
Spiny Sea Fan Coral - small
Purple Sea Whip- MED
Lavender Ribbon Whip Coral- SM
Purple Sea Whip Coral- LG
Orange Sea Whip Coral - LG