If you had a missing item(s) on your order, we have marked it as a refund or a back-ordered item.
  • Refunds are processed once a week, typically on Friday of the week the order was shipped.
  • Back-orders are created by splitting the order which contained the missing item; which creates a new adjusted order. You will receive an order confirmation email when this is completed, typically on Fridays as well.
  • You can review your orders by visiting our Customer Account Login page.
  • Item(s) marked with "BACKORDER" on the packing slip of the original shipment will ship to you separately AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. You are welcome to add any "like" items to the shipment at no charge or upgrade shipping to add any item to the shipment. We would like to extend our appreciation of your understanding in this matter by offering you 10% off ANY ADDITIONAL ITEMS you would like to add to this back-ordered shipment. The code for the month of NOVEMBER is BONOV13
  • You can add to your back-order by using the COMBINE code at checkout, which will give you a FREE shipping option. ***Please note - back-ordered items will be shipped based upon the Level of shipping as indicated on the product page. Back-ordered items which are Level 3 or Level 4 will not be shipped via Priority overnight.
  • All orders that contain a status of Processing are in queue for shipment. By 9am EST the day after your order has been adjusted, you can locate the day we have initially set your order to ship by visiting this page
  • On the day your new order is moved to Processing, you will receive an automated call announcing the day your order is scheduled to ship.
  • Unless your order had notes which reflected a date you wanted to ship, we schedule your order to ship based upon several factors. Our date to ship may not work with your schedule. If you need to change your shipping date, Please click HERE: Urgent - Change My Shipping Date. Tell us what day you need us to ship your order. This email has been tagged so that it gets immediate attention by our friendly customer service staff at Please check your email for a response that the change in shipping schedule has been noted.
  • Unlike many areas of the United States, we have access to carrier service until 8:45PM EST. We do not push shipment notification emails via the carrier until all packages have completed the shipping day. Therefore notification of tracking may not occur until late. Please do not be alarmed.
  • Utilizing the Customer Account Page will give you access to the tracking provided by the carrier.
  • Please visit our Acclimation Tips Page for detailed instructions for Best Practices when getting new animals for your aquarium.