A personal note from Scott & Christina Duncan - Owners has recently experienced several changes from a growth phase of employees to a shift in greater personal accountability on every package that goes out our doors. If you have ordered from us within the past month you may have noticed a change on the packing slips - a distinct name of the person who has overseen the handling of your box. This shift is one of the many things has made to improve the quality of our packages and live items.

This change has resulted in less daily productivity at one of our busiest times of the year. During the past 2 weeks we have tried to ship more than normal resulting in orders being bumped to the following ship day.

Going forward, will limit the orders to ship daily. Our goal is to set your expectation ahead of time regarding the days available for shipping. By checking the following page Schedule 2 ship you can see the available days for shipping & verify your ship date. Our New system Select the Delivery Day allows you to decide what works for your schedule as well as what options are available. As a potential customer, you will know if the order can ship and what day to expect it. Please note the holidays limits our days of shipping and so during the next 2 weeks, shipping services available will also be stated. Please help us by selecting the date for your shipment when you check out. Options are available on the cart page.

This time of the year can be challenging as our exporters can have difficulty in getting flights out of the areas where many of our animals hale from. If we knew ahead of time where these shortcomings would be, we could simply mark the item as unavailable but we are not told in advance where the issues will be - we just come up short in splotchy areas (meaning a few items from each category). has tried to compensate for this potential customer frustration by doing auto backorders which includes free shipping. We give you the option to have an additional 10% off any order which you add to your back ordered shipment and ease of use with our COMBINE feature which gives you the opportunity to select FREE shipping at checkout to add to an existing order. However, it has recently come to my attention that this is not always the best option for the customer. We have just rolled out a new process putting you in the driver seat regarding the potential missing item. Please instruct us by selecting your desired preference for your shipment when you check out. The Instruction Options are - CALL ME, Must Ship Complete and Ship what you can & Back-Order the Rest These options are available on the cart page.

We have recently added 3 additional fish systems and 3 additional coral systems. This will allow for extended time of quarantine / treatment of our fish. The additional coral systems provides needed room for our extended grow out time with frags as well as WYSIWYG options.

We understand and apologize for any frustration you may have experienced with We appreciate your patience and support as we make changes for a better experience for both you and the animals we all love.