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Aquarium Fish Food | Fish Pellets | Tropical Fish Flakes

Aquarium Fish Food, like fish pellets and tropical fish flakes, are some of the most important energy sources you can give your aquarium fish. In order to maintain the vibrant colors of your fish and their agility and happiness, you need to give them the highest quality aquarium fish food available on the market. And guess what... you're in the right place!

Reefs2Go is proud to offer only the best quality (and we're certain it's the best tasting) fish pellets, tropical fish flakes, and many more aquarium foods for all of your living things.

Fish Pellets vs. Tropical Fish Flakes

Although there are a few distinct differences between flakes and pellets that you need to keep in mind, it all comes down to a combination of your personal taste and discovering the food that makes your fish the happiest.

Fish Pellets can be fun to watch because usually they sink to the bottom of your tank and your fish chase them all the way down. If you have a tall or deep tank, and the entire thing is visible -including the very bottom- then pellets might be an interesting way to go. It is fun to see the fish chase the food down to the bottom of the tank, and try to be the first to dine.

Tropical Fish Flakes are fun for different reasons. They typically float, so your fish will need to come to the top of the tank to eat. If you have fish that enjoy hanging out at the bottom or middle of the tank, and your tank is visible from the top, it might be entertaining for onlookers to see the fish travel upwards to get their food.

Other than your personal preference, you'll need to learn what your fish like and dislike about their food. If they seem unexcited or timid to eat a particular food the SECOND time compared to the first, that is a good indication that they are unhappy with your menu offerings. It may sound crazy to non-fish people, but trust us!

If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know! Thanks for choosing Reefs2Go!